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Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:13 am by laticat

The Jamboree has officially started! It will run for two weeks, from July 19th to August 1st. We have a wide variety of games, contests, and raffles slated, and the calendar is chock full of events! Please check it out and bring your friends. You may earn some pretty prizes!

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Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:04 pm by laticat

With the third anniversary closing in quickly, you should be aware of several changes! A new banner is in production, and will be implemented sometime this week. Also, Donut Hole (now closed), will be released on the 17th! Get hyped and spread the word!

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June 2019

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Starfighter (Open, Enrolling)

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Starfighter (Open, Enrolling) Empty Starfighter (Open, Enrolling)

Post  laticat on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:19 pm


Welcome, Starfighter cadet, to the base of operations for the United Stellar Reconstruction and Exploration Federation. I trust that your flight here was uneventful. Well, you weren’t eaten, at least. But never mind that. Now that you are here, regardless of why you came, you have one job: protect USREF from the alien nemesis. Your partners have been assigned for you. Now that you were crazy enough to ship yourself all of the way out to the Andromeda, there’s no going back. Have fun and try not to piss your pants, cadet. You don’t know the half of what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Starfighters are the pinnacle of human technology. We were helped along by the aliens, but we usually ignore that fact. A Starfighter, because of its massive size as compared to a jet on Earth, has to be controlled by three people: the Navigator, Pilot, and Gunner.

      The Pilot
      Controls the flight path and the manual workings of the Starfighter.

      The Navigator
      Interprets battle patterns and helps guide the Pilot throughout the battlefield.

      The Gunner
       Controls the weaponry and offensive facilities of the Starfighter.

Starfighters are fantastic weapons that harness the full mental capacities of their three crew members. By tapping into the brain and nervous system via surgically implanted ports (another wonder of alien technology), the Starfighter links the thought processes of those controlling it. It therefore creates a compact and highly functioning unit, and reacts instantly to mental commands. It can also be controlled manually by projected control boards, similar to holo technology, and in the case of a crew member becoming incapacitated in some way, their position may be overridden by another member, though the increased strain on the mind can cause serious and permanent damage.

You are a new cadet, either fresh from training school or an experienced soldier transferred to the Andromeda. You and your partners, whom you may choose yourself or who will be arranged by me (Laticat), must learn to work together in order to not die. Have fun, and good luck.


  • All forum rules apply.
  • All Starship teams are final! Unless someone dies, that is. Then you must find a replacement.
  • All Starship teams must have three members, one for each role.
  • You can have a human or an alien as a character.
  • You can have as many characters as you like, but you must keep up with all of them!
  • Please keep in mind that all Starfighter crew members must wear a battle suit when in their Starfighter. This is a specially engineered form-fitting black bodysuit, tailored to allow free movement but prevent explosive decompression in the event of ejection into a non atmosphere-controlled area, such as space. These suits come with a helmet, which retracts and compacts itself into an earpiece that must be worn at all times. It features an emergency release to disengage from the inter-neural connection lines.
  • When not in battle, crew members are allowed the luxury of choosing their own outfits. However for formal occasions, they must wear USREF uniforms. These are dark grey for commanders and deep blue for cadets. You can choose what pants to wear with them, so long as they are the same colour as the uniform and are at least two inches below fingertip length. Some allowances and alterations will be made for alien cadets.
  • Don't forget to have fun! This is a pretty lax rp, so don't be afraid to introduce new plot ideas, so long as you run major changes by me first.

Character Creation

To create a character, simply fill out the bio skeleton provided below! Please delete all parenthesis and everything in them.

Name: (first and last + nickname if applicable)
Age: (between 18 and 45, please!)
Height and Weight:
Race: (human or alien?)

Starfighter Team: (members and team name)
Position: (pilot, navigator, or gunner)
Level of Experience: (fresh out of training, experienced soldier?)
Description of Starfighter: (once you get a team, decide on this! each one is different)

Personality: (you can list traits, but please also add a paragraoh or two explaining them)
Looks: (description only, no pictures please!)
Likes and Dislikes:
Strengths and Weaknesses: (fears, talents?)
History: (how did your character get to where they are? two or three paragraphs)
Extra Info: (if applicable)

Character List

[Team Name]
P: Akira Drago, Suzuka, page 1

[Team Name]

[Team Name]

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Starfighter (Open, Enrolling) Anniversary_jamboree_ribbon_by_laticat-d91v87u

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Starfighter (Open, Enrolling) Empty Re: Starfighter (Open, Enrolling)

Post  Suzuka on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:54 pm

I call dibs on a pilot. My precious little alien baby who I will end up finishing once I get my STUPID work done.


Starfighter (Open, Enrolling) Anniversary_jamboree_ribbon_by_laticat-d91v87u
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Starfighter (Open, Enrolling) Empty Re: Starfighter (Open, Enrolling)

Post  laticat on Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:41 pm

((ok, that spot is reserved for you!! and DO YOUR HOMEWORK it's more important ok!))


Starfighter (Open, Enrolling) Anniversary_jamboree_ribbon_by_laticat-d91v87u

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Starfighter (Open, Enrolling) Empty Will Probably Edit Later

Post  Suzuka on Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:03 am




Akira Drago

The Dragon, KiKi, Aki, Aki-lucky. REDACTED

45 cycles (Approx. 21 Human years)

 None, although thi can switch between sexes.

Has both 'male' and 'female' parts, can reproduce asexually and sexually, although is banned from doing either.



5' 11"

198 pounds




       • Persuasive
Extremely strong, lifting-wise that is. Hits are weak.
       • Agile
       • Intelligent (By human standards)
       • Armoured

       • Weak hits
Vulnerable to intense temperature changes
       • Greedy
       • Dumb (by Nymori'an standards)
       • Frightening

       • Good shot
       • Chameleon
       • Agile Driver




Space Pirate



Experienced Pirate, not so much solider.






        • Greedy •
  If a piece of gold is waved in front if Akira's face, chances are the reptilian pilot will jump on it without hesitation. Thi has no qualms about stealing from others, nor does thi care about such things as material ownership. To hir everything that exists is ripe for the taking, and thi will hardly let things go without a great deal of trouble. This makes bartering difficult, as Akira will often steal instead of but, due to the fact that thi can't stand letting money go. This greed often gets hir into a lot of trouble.

       • Charismatic •
  Although Akira hates dealing with other physical beings, thi is very charismatic, and can often convince people to do what thi wants them to, when thi wants them to. Despite the fact that thi looks terrifying at first, for some reason the way thi utilities hir home language translates well to English, and it often makes hir sounds a lot nicer and trustworthy than thi is.

     • Fluid •
  Gender is not the only thing Akira flows through, as customary for hir race thi commonly shifts loyalty and honesty, making hir unpredictable and mostly untrustworthy. Normally, the only thing Akira is attached to is hir ship, making relationships rock and unpredictable, and moods ranging from fiery to deathly calm in a matter of seconds. This trait also causes hir to be both extremely adventurous and also a bit of a coward.

   • Intelligent •
A genius by human standards, and a dolt by Nymori'an, Akira's mind is a double-sided coin. Often, thi can think hir way out of a combat situation faster than hir gunner can start shooting, but when it comes to charting courses and the like, thi's utterly useless. Akira can do advanced human math, and can think logically in a sticky situation, but thi cannot wrap hir scaly head around basic Nymori'an calculations and concepts. It's almost like an alien language to hir, but that's why thi sticks to piloting.

   • Meat
   • Stealing
   • Flying
   • Danger
   • Money
   • Being Right
   • Winning
   • Stars
   • New Planets
   • Adventure

   • Safety
   • Staying still
   • Being caught
   • Being wrong
   • Revisiting places
   • Fruits and Veggies

   Nymori'an's all generally look the same, the only difference between each one being the number and size of their horns, as well as their rated intelligence. Instead of a formed nose, most only have nostrils, and instead of body hair they are completely covered by pale green scales. Their teeth are sharp and pointed, designed for eating meat and other such things, and this often makes them look terrifying.

They also have three thick, jointed finger-like structures that are adept at grabbing and locking hold of things, and a thumb, on both hands, as well as a long tail. Some advanced members of the species have the ability to regenerate their limbs, although it is a slow and painful process.

   Akira, on the other hand, looks a bit different than hir brothers and sisters. Thi has a semi-noticeable nose, as well as wide, sharp eyes that are one of hir most prominent features. They, of course, are the same kind of eyes that a nocturnal lizard would have, with multiple lens and wide pupils that gather light quite well. In the dark, Akira has wonderful vision, but it's no good in an area with lots of light, requiring hir to wear thick sunglasses. Color-wise, thi cannot see in more colors than red, blue, black, and grey, and therefore trying to describe any other color to hir is nearly impossible.

   The Nymori'an has a very sharp, angular face, with high cheekbones and a sturdy, pointed jaw that is often clenched in anger or displeasure. Thi has no hair, and is instead covered head to toe in glittering, dark green scales. The darkness of hir scales makes it difficult for hir to blend in with the background as easily as others of her race could. However, thi still possesses this ability, although it takes longer to perfect and can only be kept up if perfectly still. Akira also has many horns protruding around her head, running from the sides of hir temple all the way down to hir upper lip. These horns are small, only a couple centimeters long, and about half a centimeter wide, but they are quite numerous.

  A long, thick tail protrudes from the reptile's rear, and is matched by hir long, supportive legs. Akira's arms are well built and muscular from years of lifting heavy cargo, and they taper out to hir scaly hands, each with three, solid flange and one large thumb. Sometimes, the weird way Nymori'an hands are build make things difficult for the ex-pirate, but thi can still wield a gun and pilot a ship, so they should not cause for issue. Otherwise, Akira looks like a normal member of her species, appearing androgynous by our standards, and since her race has no concept of gender, otherwise perfectly normal by theirs.

 Clothing-wise, thi often wears form-fitting, easy to move in clothing; mostly made out of the same material our standard uniforms are in. Akira often chooses a deep maroon leather jacket, fit with a tight, deep grey shirt and form-fitting pants made out of the finest material's a creature could buy. Hir uniform is standard, although thi often keeps her leather jacked on regardless; even though it is a violation to add accessories to the uniform while in the starfighter's and battle situations. However, the reptile seems to not care much for our rules.  

  Akira often wears a mask on the lower half of her face, designed to translate hir speech instantaneously. It's made of smooth, metal sheets, and has a speaker-like opening in the center, right around where hir mouth would be. Akira is far too lazy to learn another language, so instead thi has the mask work as a translator for when thi is speaking to those who do not know Nymori'an. To match, thi also has a small device, similar to a hearing aid, that translates others speech into Nymori'an, although sometimes it makes hir hard of hearing.




      Nymori'ans, a race of nomadic, reptilian geniuses whose entire society is based upon intelligence. Their home planet is called Sgchouri'a, or in our language, Nymori'a, and is covered in dense, humid rain-forests with a large abundance of flowing, freshwater rivers. They only have three saltwater oceans, as compared to our seven, and water is only 40% of the planet's surface. While their evolution is a mystery due to the lack of information, it is widely known that they are a nomadic, ever-moving race, leaving the planet only to those deemed 'caretakers' which are the brightest and most skilled members of the race, and often the oldest. While we have attempted to sneak into their cities and sample their technology, as well as sending in researchers to fully understand their habits, the planet is well guarded by a thick, nearly un-navigable ring of space debris, either from meteoroids or long past attempts by an early evolution of the race.

   It has been decided by accounts with the free-roaming members of the species that they are cold-blooded creatures, and seem to have close relation to the reptiles on our own home planet, Earth. They are generally short, sturdy individuals covered in scaly skin and complete with a tail. Some advanced members of the species even have regenerative abilities, although it is a highly painful process to undergo. Nymori'ans are hatched from eggs, and from hatching are handed to a Caretaker to be taught advanced scientific and mathematical concepts that are far above our own, and they are also taught how to fly a ship from a very young age. Nymori'ans have an innate concept of time and space, and this normally makes them both excellent pilots or navigators, and if they are more mathematically inclined, most of the species tend to become navigators.

  The race's social construct is complex, but it is all based on how intelligent an individual is. If one is considered a dull or stupid individual, they are often a gifted pilot, although they must file their horns down in order to show that they are the lowest ranking members of society. The longer the specimen's horns are, the greater their status, and it has been recorded that some Nymori'ans have horns a foot long. Often, the low-ranking individuals are banned from producing offspring, as they are deemed too stupid to pass down their bloodline. They are a species that prefer fluidity and change over stability, and as such they don't like to stay on one planet for very long, nor do they like to hold onto mates or most material possessions.

  Biologically-wise, the species has no concept of gender or gender identity, and they don't have any gender-specific pronouns in their language. Thi / Hir / Hirtigc are the only third person narrative modifiers they need, and while there are guesses and assumptions, there is no translation in the English language. Nymori'ans also have both supposedly 'male' and 'female' reproductive parts, making them accessible to asexual reproduction as well as sexual reproduction. 2.14 of their cycles makes up 1 human year, and many profess their ages into the hundreds of cycles; showing that they live for a very long time, or at least older than the average human. Old age seems to have no deterioration on their outer bodies, although they become weaker and more susceptible to temperature changes.  

    Born on the first day of the 3212nd Celestial Cycle, it was obvious from the moment she hatched that Akira was going to be dull. Thi had short, stubby spikes protruding from her head, not to mention there was a lot of them. It was a bad omen, a sure sign of stupidity, and thi was told that from the day thi was born to the day thi was eventually deemed worthy to leave the planet. Often, Caretakers would get frustrated with hir inability to grasp concepts basic to them, such as space-jump calculations and quantum physics. Akira was always jumping from one caretaker to the next, and such constant jumping around finely developed hir taste for change and adventure.

     Despite the apparent stupidity and gallivanting, Akira was shown to be a highly skilled pilot, and even in the middle of hir sixth cycle (approx. three human years), this proved to be true. One Caretaker was particularly sick of taking care of hir, frustrated that they couldn't impart any knowledge on the hatch-ling without confusing hir to pieces. Instead of being patient or switching subjects, they instead decided to try and get rid of her through a series of trying and dangerous aerial tests. The Caretaker strapped hir into a ship and expected hir to crash at the first cliff side, but somehow the youngling managed to figure out the ship's controls faster than thi could understand any silly math concept. Like that, thi was off, dodging and weaving with an agile delicateness that was shouldn't have been so possible for hir young age.  

    However, it wasn't exactly like Akira was gifted with a great mind, just wonderful reflexes and a brain more wired to understand buttons and protocol more than theory and formulas. So, while the only thing the Caretaker felt in response to hir sudden talent was annoyance, and quickly afterward thi was once again thrown into the arms of another Nymori'an.

  Many cycles passed as such, and while Akira's flying abilities only grew, hir mind only dimmed, making hir no longer deemed fit for future breeding and a decent place in society. Finally, in hir 31st cycle, thi flew the coop, so to speak, and while thi managed to nab a decent, yet battered ship, thi was banned from ever returning to the planet again, be it for breeding purposes or future Caretaking. After all, if thi only shallowly learned the concepts and logic behind the flying techniques thi was perfecting, what was the point of letting hir teach anything to hatchlings at all?

    Such, Akira was banished from hir home planet, 'doomed' to explore and wander as much as thi pleased! It was a relief, more than anything, although it was kinda sad thi could never return home again, but honestly, it didn't matter. After all, the reptile wasn't very fond of looking back, nor of revisiting old habits and planets, so seeing hir home again would just be... boring.

  Yet, meandering and exploring the star systems got old in only a few cycles, and Akira yearned to find a purpose, a goal for hir constant mobility. After all, nothing is better than a driving force, and thi was craving it as much as thi was craving danger and excitement. The reptile wanted to LIVE, not to simply jump planet to planet! It all just seemed repetitive and meaningless, which was far from the interest that thi craved.

   So, Akira actually did something very, very stupid, and decided to become a pirate. It allowed hir to interact with the universe in a whole new way, as well as explore hir passions and build up hir strengths. Thi even joined an organization for a few cycles, although thi got bored of that rather quickly, mostly due to the fact that they attacked the same rout over and over again. However, going rouge heightened hir piloting abilities to a new high, allowing hir to make quick and easy getaways in only a few minutes. Not to mention, hir sharp-shooting skills made significant improvements as well, and thi even managed to harness hir chameleon abilities, although it required tremendous effort and absolute stillness.

   Still, it was a charmed life, and for once Akira was living the dream. Thi found hir sense of self in the piles of treasure thi was accumulating, whether it be petty, unnoticed thefts from large freight ships, or hard-fought robberies of wealthy travelers. As long as thi got the dough, it didn't matter, and Akira found that treasure was the only constant thi could allow in hir life. Each heist allowed for new and interesting riches to grace the cargo hold of hir ship, and every-time it was like meeting a brand new friend. No two treasures were the same, and thi got so attached to all of her new-found wealth thi couldn't bear to spend it on anything but ship repairs.

    Sadly, however, all things must come to an end; even figurative golden ages, and in hir 44th cycle, Akira was caught red-handed by the USREF.

  It was hir fault, honestly, there was no doubt about that. Thi had been more concerned with the goodies that the USREF was hiding than the actually process of getting it, and although thi tried her *ANGRY GOOSE HONKING* to escape, she was eventually captured and detained. Thi's precious cargo was brutally ripped away from hir, as well as hir ship, and Akira nearly ripped a man's throat out with her sharp teeth. Thi spent a whole half cycle in detainment, doing hir best to wrangle hir things back, but seemingly to no avail.

      But then, the offer came. An opportunity so sweet that there was no way that Akira could pass it up. Join the USREF, and slowly, oh so slowly, could thi earn hir stuff back. It didn't take long for the pirate to jump on the offer, although it wasn't like thi had much of a choice, since thi was broke and without a ship. Otherwise, though, it was a pretty nice deal, and since piloting for the USREF is nothing compared to piloting as a pirate, it would be an interesting shift in perspectives.

As such, thi joined our ranks with semi-open arms; although hir allegiances as motives for some of her actions are questioned.

A  B  C  D  E   F    G    H  I  K   L   M    N    O     P   R  S  T  U V W X Y
A  D  K  X   I  C    CH   H  I  Q  G  CH    S   OU    P   R  T  T  A S X     G

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Starfighter (Open, Enrolling) Empty Re: Starfighter (Open, Enrolling)

Post  QTPie430 on Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:25 pm

Name: Kiyu Monosokka
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight?
Age: 19 (3/4)
Height and Weight: 145 cm, 44 kilo
Race: Human-looking ( for ref)

Starfighter Team: Open for Recruitment!
Position: Navigator
Level of Experience: Experienced. Sorta. Went right into the fray asap, so has about a year of experience
Description of Starfighter:

Personality: She sees everything through a lens of scientific reasoning. Very, very rarely will she get frazzeld, or be unaware of how to proceed in a situation. It made her into a perfect navigator--she's able to know easily the best route, and is able to memorize and recognize patterns like she made them. Despite her itty-bitty-ness, it's easy to feel intimidated while around her. She speaks her mind always and with a certain matter-of-factness that makes her sound like she's looking down on you. But she's really not. She never intends to offend, it just often comes out like that.
She always assumes the best of everyone. If you do something wrong, she'll argue that it was an honest mistake, unless it quite obviously was not. She's not the type of person you'd want to have as an enemy or a rival in an argument, either. She'll argue her case until she's blue in the face, though it doesn't often take that long to convince someone to think the same way as her. She's also extremely stubborn, and even if she makes you think you've won an argument, she most likely will not be convinced of your point, and will probably hold a grudge against you until she dies.
She will not forget you, or anything about you. This can prove to cause some awkward situations, as if she overheard a tidbit about you seven or eight years ago, she can recite exactly what she heard, who said it, and where they were at the time.
Looks: Tiny. Tiny tiny. Short and thin. She could probably fit into any sized hole, though may require a bit of wiggling. Thick black hair which nearly drags the ground behind her, and bangs cut straight across (which often hang down across her eyes.) They grow longer at the sides, and at the very edges, curl down below her chin. Her eyes are also a black color, such that her pupils blend in to her iris. Upturned eyes framed by heavy black lashes. She rarely ever goes out in public without wearing makeup: Sometimes just simple black eyeliner and mascara, other times she'll go all-out with cat-eye, shadow, and even sometimes colored contacts.
She wears glasses. Thick black-and-white polka-dotted plastic frames. White with black dots, to be exact. The lenses are so strong, actually, that her eyes are magnified quite a bit through them. Over her left eye, she has a second lens just behind the first, almost hidden if not for the displays moving across the screen. Sometimes her eyes flit around, following the information on the screen. While talking to you, this makes her seem as though she's not looking at you, but at some point behind you.
She dresses almost exclusively in a single outfit of varying color. A skirt that flows down to the ground, with a bit of ruffles on the ground. It's quite difficult to describe: an outfit at the pinnacle of textile creations. It seems to appear a solid color from a long distance, but up close, it begins to morph into polka dots, or stripes, or whatever pattern she chose that morning. Atop it is a plain shirt, button up, and sleeveless. Well, sorta sleeveless. The sleeves disconnect at the shoulders, and instead ride about halfway down her upper arm, flare out at her forearm, then bunch back together at her wrist with another button. The color depends on the day--and yes, there is a specific pattern to what she wears. Bonus points to whomever can figure it out.
If required to be in uniform on missions, she will easily comply and will not complain about having to wear something different.
Likes: (In no particular order)
  • Order
    Sushi (and any kind of fish)

  • Aliens
    Anything Vulgar/Sexual
    Alcohol and Drunkenness

  • Keen ability to think
    Memory of an Elephant

  • Socially inept
    Can be too smart
    Physically struggles (very weak)

History: Kiyu was born to a single mother. Only heard bits and pieces of her father over the years. It's not that she didn't have access to any information about him, it's that she didn't really want to know much about him. If he'd abandoned her and her mom, then she didn't want to have any part of him. She grew up with only one sibling, an identical twin brother. The three of them lived well on Earth, in Eastern Europe. Well, mostly Eastern Europe. They often had to move around to different Countries, Planets, and Galaxies as her mother became assigned to them.
She was trained and schooled from a very young age from her mother, a successful Navigator as well. She entered training school at 16 when her mother found it best for the twins to go off and do their own thing. In two years, they'd graduated: Kiyu as a Navigator and her brother as a pilot. Together, they worked as "mercenaries," flying Starfighters for whoever would hire the young twins. They were able to prove their ability quickly, and Monosokka became a name many came to know across many galaxies. Wanting to finally settle down and have their own Starfighter for themselves (and whatever gunner they get paired with), they sought out the Andromeda sect of the USEF, and finding the cause to be well-enough, only hoped that they had the luck to not be paired with an Alien.
Extra Info:
She has a pet reptilian-alien. It looks exactly like one would imagine a baby dragon to look like: About 8 inches in length, covered in black scales, and occasionally breathes out a trail of steam. Two large wings, four legs, and a spiky tail. However, it is fully grown.
I((f someone else wants to play her brother, feel free to do so! If not, I can do.
I need to reserve a pilot's spot on the same ship that Kiyu ends up on for him, as well. <3))

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