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Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:13 am by laticat

The Jamboree has officially started! It will run for two weeks, from July 19th to August 1st. We have a wide variety of games, contests, and raffles slated, and the calendar is chock full of events! Please check it out and bring your friends. You may earn some pretty prizes!

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Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:04 pm by laticat

With the third anniversary closing in quickly, you should be aware of several changes! A new banner is in production, and will be implemented sometime this week. Also, Donut Hole (now closed), will be released on the 17th! Get hyped and spread the word!

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June 2019

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MUST READ: Forum Wide Rules

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MUST READ: Forum Wide Rules Empty MUST READ: Forum Wide Rules

Post  Suzuka on Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:12 pm


1. 3 strikes to ban
Strikeable Offences:
    • Bad Mouthing Admins
    • Foul or disrespectful language
    • Disregard for the rules
    • Trolling
    • Not meeting your deadlines. Non-excusable unless there are understandable and reasonable excuses.
    • Spamming
    • Flaming

2. Be kind and courteous towards other members.
   Kindness is important! It's the reason why we have members, so please, do not be the person that tries to stir up controversy or drama. Just treat others as you would wish to be treated.

3. If you start a chorus, finish it!
  When you begin a chorus, YOU have obligations to see it through. See the Chorus regulations for more information.

4. Giving out your private info is your choice and your risk.
Do not push others for theirs!

5. Put your schoolwork first!
  This site/group isn't a top priority compared to your studies! We don't want to be the reason you fail.


7. Hey! Look! Listen!
 If an Admin or mod has said you have broken a rule, and consequently gives you a strike, then you have no right to argue. These rules are ironclad, and even if you manage to find a loophole, it will not be accepted. There are no technicalities here! However, if you feel like we honestly made a mistake, you may politely message one of the Admins and try to appeal to them.

8. Refrain from cursing.
 Although we do have censors in place, we would still prefer to keep this site clear of such things in an attempt to seem professional. Also, if you do try to curse, you'll look ridiculous because of our word censors.

9. Keep everything PG-13.
 There are areas in place where you can be an adult, and even make NSFW-ish choruses. That said, you also cannot be under the age of 13 when you join! If any of the mods or Admins find out that you are under 13, you WILL be permanently banned.

 Not doing as such WILL result in a strike against you, which in turn will start to count up against you. Don't forget, 3 strikes and you're out.

11. Follow Forumga's rules
 They are courteous to host our forum, and we need to abide by their rules!

12. Just be yourself!
    We all may come from different walks of life, but this is where we can come together! However, that can't happen if you're not being yourself. We want this to be a safe and free environment, and that means that you have many artistic freedoms here. So don't be afraid to let your soul shine!

13. No threatening.
    DO NOT threaten other members. Be it threatening death, violence, rape, or anything of the sort. Even if you meant it as a joke, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE. If you feel as if somebody is threating you, or is making you feel unsafe, message a mod or an Admin. We will review the situation and take action. Breaking this rule results in TWO strikes on your account, and possibly a temporary ban, depending on the severity.

14.  Do not abuse your power!
      If you're lucky enough to become a mod, you must use your new mod abilities for the good of the site, not to go and ban people for no reason, or wave your new powers in your fellow members' faces. It is highly disrespectful and will make you lose your position.

15. Listen to individual topic rules!
    In places such as the Roleplaying Inn or Off Topic Area, people may put rules to follow when you post there. You MUST follow these rules, and if you ignore them your post will be considered spam. If you find the rules outrageous or nonsensical, message a mod and we'll see what we can do!

Admins retain the right to edit and add rules as they see fit.


MUST READ: Forum Wide Rules Anniversary_jamboree_ribbon_by_laticat-d91v87u
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