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Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:13 am by laticat

The Jamboree has officially started! It will run for two weeks, from July 19th to August 1st. We have a wide variety of games, contests, and raffles slated, and the calendar is chock full of events! Please check it out and bring your friends. You may earn some pretty prizes!

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Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:04 pm by laticat

With the third anniversary closing in quickly, you should be aware of several changes! A new banner is in production, and will be implemented sometime this week. Also, Donut Hole (now closed), will be released on the 17th! Get hyped and spread the word!

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August 2019

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About Chorus Bans and Deadlines

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About Chorus Bans and Deadlines Empty About Chorus Bans and Deadlines

Post  Nickel on Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:15 pm

Deadlines are one thing to help motivate members to get their parts turned in! Whether it's singing, drawing, mixing, or video making, most jobs will apply to these deadline rules.

However, what happens when someone doesn't complete their part on time? If you have an excuse, like health reasons (physical or mental), or memory issues (you can ask someone to remind you often if you need to), or school reasons, it would be a good idea to notify the chorus leader to arrange a special deadline for yourself. None of us are mind readers and cannot tell if you need extra time if you dont say anything!

But...if you have an excuse like "I was too lazy", or you simply don't have an excuse at all, there are punishments in place!

First offense:
     You will not be able to apply to other choruses, official or unofficial, until you turn your part in. Once it's in, feel free to apply again!

Second offense:
     You will not be able to apply to other choruses, official or unofficial, until you turn your part in, and the same amount of time after. (For example, if you turn it in 24 hours after the due date, your chorus ban would be 48 hours, 1 week after would be 2 weeks)

Third offense:
     Same as second offense, with an added 24 hour site ban after sending.

Fourth offense:
     Same as third offense, as well as admins limiting you to participate in only one chorus at a time for 2 months after the ban.

Fifth offense:
        Same as fourth offense, except a week site ban and admins will always limit your chorus participation unless if they say otherwise.

Sixth Offense:
        You will be permanently barred from the site. No questions asked, especially considering we had given you plenty of chances to redeem yourself.

Offenses will be kept track of, so don't expect us to forget any bans! However, we will give you the chance to redeem yourself! If you have had two offenses in the past, but have managed to turn your lines in on time in the next three choruses you've participated, we will knock you back down to one offense. Basically, if you do what you're supposed to do, your offense count will eventually return to zero!

This will apply to all official choruses, unofficial choruses may choose to follow these as well.


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