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Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:13 am by laticat

The Jamboree has officially started! It will run for two weeks, from July 19th to August 1st. We have a wide variety of games, contests, and raffles slated, and the calendar is chock full of events! Please check it out and bring your friends. You may earn some pretty prizes!

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Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:04 pm by laticat

With the third anniversary closing in quickly, you should be aware of several changes! A new banner is in production, and will be implemented sometime this week. Also, Donut Hole (now closed), will be released on the 17th! Get hyped and spread the word!

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Post  Nickel on Wed Mar 25, 2015 5:51 pm

Here's one of the main parts of the site, choruses! They are sorted into two categories, official and unofficial. Official choruses are created by an admin and are usually larger than unofficial ones. It would be preferred if majority of the site could contribute to those. Unofficial ones are created by admins who wish for it to be smaller, or by regular members. Choruses should have at least three or more singers involved. If you would like less than three singers, it might be best to ask around in the chat.

Please note that site rules still apply here! Make sure you consider those before creating a chorus!

How do I start a chorus?
First, you need to pick a song. Please avoid using a song that has a thread already (unless if it's archived, haha). The song can be in any language, vocaloid or not vocaloid, almost any song you want! The exception is if it's considered nsfw, it needs an admin's approval, as well as being marked as 18+, and only those who are 18 or older can participate. However, make sure you can locate an off vocal/instrumental version that's a good quality, or the chorus could sound not so good. It's also important to specify what you need (singers, artists, etc). Your chorus will most likely go in the unofficial chorus thread (unless if you are an admin, then you decide!)

How can I contribute to an existing chorus?
There's obviously singing, but there's many more jobs beyond that! Drawing, mixing, and video making could improve the chorus by a ton. Can't do any of those? Then simply encouraging or critiquing can go a long way!

I made my chorus, now what?
Discuss about it in the chat, tell your friends, get people to join! Assign parts to your singers, drawings for artists, etc. If you created the topic, you will be considered the leader and you'll be in charge of these things!

What is considered a good deadline?
It depends on your members, ask them for opinions. Please keep in mind that they are human, they need the time to make something of a decent quality. Also consider what to do if members don't complete their part by the deadline. We would like for an unofficial chorus to last no more than 6 months, but this is not required.

Where did my chorus go? I can't find it!
It was most likely archived. Choruses that do not have a post on their thread in 3 months, or choruses that are led by inactive or permanently banned members will be considered inactive and archived. These choruses can be taken over by a new leader to prevent the loss of choruses due to inactive members. PM an admin to claim one of them.
If you checked the archives and it's still missing, contact an admin.

The chorus is finished! Now where does it go?
At this point, we aren't sure. It would be a good idea to PM it to an admin, though.

If you have any further questions, PM an admin!
Have fun!!! : >


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